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Ebo Town Nursery School


Mandela School was closed down in March 2015 leaving 170 plus children without access to education. The charity worked with the Education Department and decided that it could take on the responsibility of running a nursery school. Ebo Town Nursery School was formed. The charity's aim was to give children a FREE education and set up a sponsorship programme, whereby from just £25 per year per child, would go some way to covering wages, uniforms and all educational materials.

Ebo Town Nursery School is built on love and support for the physical and emotional needs of both the children and their families, and through patience and hard work we are now a recognised school and have obtained our School Licence.


A new building was found within the grounds of a government school (Tallinding Lower Annex). After several meetings a Memorandum of Understanding document was signed, allowing the charity to rent the building. It was promised that all our 7 year old children would get an automatic transfer to Grade 1 education. The Education Department worked with the team and the school re-opened in May 2015.

Having no proper furniture, blackboards or equipment we had to start from scratch. We managed to gather many items from very generous local schools in the UK, including sand pits, water pits, rocking horses etc and shipped two container loads across. Charity status was then applied for and approved, and set up in May 2015. A team of Trustees were appointed both in the UK and Ebo Town.

Ebo Town Nursery School badgeA new identity school badge was designed. New uniforms were designed and made, pale blue for Rainbow Class children and Dark Blue for Butterfly Class children. Uniforms for teachers purchased.

The school closed in July for the rainy season holidays, which enabled us to put in a new floor, partition, paint classrooms inside and out, make desks and benches and erect an office. Container one arrived in time for the school opening. In September 2015 the school officially opened with 83 children registered. These children were divided into two classes: Rainbow for the 3 year olds and Butterfly for the 5 to 7 year olds.

Teachers (funded at the Teachers' Training College):

Lenna Jammeh - Rainbow Class
Siaka Kalley - Head of School/Teacher Butterfly Class

Other Staff:

Fatoumatta Saidy - Rainbow Class Teaching Assistant

Christine - Butterfly Class Teaching Assistant
1 x Adama Ceesey - Cleaner
1 x Saihou Jallow - Security Watchman

Ebo Town Community Nursery school are funding 2  teachers to attend teacher training college.

Head of School Rainbow Teacher Christine, Teaching Assistant Rainbow Adama Ceesey

Head of School/Teacher Butterfly
Siaka Kalley

Butterfly Teaching

Rainbow Teacher
Lenna Jammeh

Rainbow Teaching Assistant
Fatoumatta Saidy

Cleaner: Adama Ceesey

Saihou Jallow  

Security: Saihou Jallow




A team of 5 went across to visit the school. Meetings held with the Gambian Committee Team and the UK Team. Also there was a meeting with parents to inform them of the plans and education.

Department meetings and physical planning meetings took place. A Christmas party was requested by the school and given with food provided.

For more information on current progress and more recent visits please see our News page.