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Ebo Town Community Project - News Updates

Visit to Ebo Town Sep 2017April 2018 - A team leaves on Wednesday.1th April 18, we will be giving out 44 mosquito nets, 42 x 25kg rice, 15 x 50kg of rice, 21 x cleaning packs, plus aid in clothing and bedding.  We will be enrolling 18 children to start school in September.  A team of 5,  (3 of which have never been to Gambia before), are excited to go and make a difference.

March 2018 - We have another team of 6 going over on 11th April 2018. This trip will be about new enrolments. There are currently 20 pupils to enrol ready for the September intake.

Also once again, we need to collect funds for much needed aid such as: Rice bags - 50Kg (£22.50) 25KG (£13.00), Mosquito nets (£5.00), Cleaning Packs (£2.00). Please use the donation link if you can help.

In February we received a wonderful donation of £6000 from Concord College, which the students kindly raised and this is going towards the new school build. Still got £18,000, to go. In addition I will be doing a sponsored walk from Longmynd, Church Stretton, to Shrewsbury c 20 miles. All money raised at this event will go towards the new build.

This month they celebrated Commonwealth Day as Gambia is once again a member of the Commonwealth. The children all dressed up in their traditional dress and had a wonderful time.

September 2017 - The team are visiting again this month. Today the staff, and a member of our team are at the school cleaning, and preparing for start of school. Again new uniforms will be handed out.

Jan Tomlins Trustee, Liz Hall a sponsor, meet parents and give out new uniforms for the start of 2017/18 academic year. Thank you to for Siaka, Spider, and teacher Lenna who is there assisting with interpretation. All is going well and smoothly.

July 2017 - July News letter - .pdf format

12th April 2017 - A team of 4 people will be visiting the project for 2 weeks.  This trip will be about enrolling 17 new children as in July, 17 children move up to the Goverment run school entering Grade I. We will also be enrolling 3 year olds to start in Rainbow Class in September.

We will also we will be ordering new uniforms and making a difference in the communityby handing out over 25 bags of rice and 20 mosquito nets. Any further monies will help to increase increase these quantities and reach out further as the rainy season is approaching and times become very hard.

Half bags of rice 25kg costs £12.50, 50kg Rice costs £22, or Mosquito nets costs approx £5.00.

We have sent a container with bedding/clothing to hand out to those in need. That should have arrived to coincide with our visit.

The school is holding its inter House sports day on Friday 10th March 2017, and food and drinks are being supplied to all children and staff.

It has been brought to our attention that there is a small boy with Cerebral Palsy in the village and is in need of our help. Funding for a wheelchair to be purchased locally (to save shipping costs) would be extremely welcome.

December 2016 -The trip over was very much broken into two halves, as unfortunately due to presidential Elections on December 1st 2016, the government advised that all schools be closed for that week, re-opening on Monday 5th December 2016. This meant we lost valuable classroom time, but it did give the team an opportunity to go into the community and meet the families in their homes, bearing gifts (some sponsors had sent over with us), and advising families who were fortunate to be given a 50kg bag of rice. In total we gave out 38, 50kg bags of rice, and each bag lasts a fami- ly one month. We were given 14 bags of rice to hand out to families that were not related to our school, that we found to live in poor and difficult surrounds. We found many needs during this exercise, and helped two families especially with supplying a new bed and wheel chair. All this was made possible by kind donations I had received prior and asked to put to a good cause.

Ebo-school-childrenThe second week saw the school operating in full swing. The children are learning really well, the teachers are teaching well, and there is excellent structure in both classrooms. We are, with the help of a kind sponsor in Shrewsbury, introducing some very good jolly phonics materials, which we carried over as charity luggage. The children loved this and are grasping it really well. The confidence in the children is growing and the smiles are getting larger.

Amy Taras is a new Trustee to the charity, and has taken over the role of sponsor liaison, and she will keep you posted frequently on updates and progress.

As usual the trip was self funded and all monies donated go directly to the charity.


April 2016 - Paula enrolled 21 new children to start in the new September school year, as 21 children moved onto Grade 1. (picture on attachment are children leaving ebo going to Grade 1.)

In April the school obtained a FULL school license.

April 16 Rice bags were given out to 18 families, thanks to the kind donations of their sponsors.

                                School Team :  29th November 2016
                                Health Team :  TBC (November 2016)

Every trip is self funded, even down to injections, 100% of all monies goes to the children and the families.

30 March 2016 - Happenings since Christmas visit:

Five members of team visited. Ebo Town had suffered a heavy rainy season, and the streets still had floods and stale water lying around. The children were given a Christmas party with food to eat at school and a doggy bag to take home with rice and fish.

The school builder visited the town at the end of January to check out the plot and meet with both the Eduation Department and the Physical Planning Team with a set of plans for the new school building. On his return home he has been working with the architects and will return again in April with a 3D plan of the building.

1st February 2016 saw the start of a new teaching assistant, who is working in Rainbow Class assisting the teacher with the 3 year olds. Reports back are very positive.

Just before the Easter holidays, the children took part in an inter-house sports day, followed by chicken curry and rice, all of which was thoroghly enjoyed.

Next visit: 15th April 2016.