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Ebo Town - Work in the Community

Our work in the community currently involves ensuring we can provide the poorer families, rice and mosquito nets and hoefully better living conditions.

During the rainy season some homes find their living / sleeping areas filled with water. Furniture in some of their homes is in very poor condition, or none existent with some families sleeping 5 to a bed, or on wet floors.

Through kind donations we hope to raise enough funds to provide better furniture (especially beds, bedding etc) which we can purchase from the local market to save on shipping costs. This will be life changing and very humbling for the people in this town.

We have been able to make a start and the pictures below show what we are up against and what we can achieve. This is the first lucky family.

Living conditions Ebo Town
One home before
Bed construction
Broken slats covered with cardboard
Improvments made by kind donations
The same home after








April 2017 - We have seen some very hard times in the past few day.  A family is living in a shack with a broken roof, that blew off in the monsoon season last year, and they had to shelter under a palm tree.  The beds were flee bitten broken foam, no bedding.  There is no water anywhere on the compound, the family have to walk with buckets to get it.  There is no toilet facility.  The shower is ice cream containers that they throw over themselves.  It has been agreed that we will put on a new roof, and supply 2 new double beds with legs, and bedding which was shipped over in a container.  We have given the family a bag of rice and mozzie nets.  A very kind sponsor has donated £100 to fix the roof, and another sponsor from Belvoir Letting Agency has donated £50 for the beds.  The team here are amazed at the kind generosity, and work is being put into action as we speak.  Will send before and during and after photos once we have them.  We are going to another very poor family on Wednesday 19th April 2017, and have some available funds to use if we feel we can assist.
work in progress.  Old roof removed.